About Vallejo Historic Homes

Vallejo Historic Homes is everything you need to buy, sell or just plain enjoy older homes in Vallejo. It was created by Chris Jacobson. Learn more about Chris here.

This website is a great place to search for historic real estate to purchase, or to learn about custom marketing needed to sell Historic Homes. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or homeowner, there are tools and search functions created just for Historic Vallejo.

An effort has been made to individually select Vallejo homes for this website which represent the “Spirit of America” through the decades as described by the United States department of interior standards. The homes which appear on this site are individually selected by a variety of factors. No guarantee is made that any of the homes shown on this website have any legal historic status.

We want to promote our community and building up Historic Vallejo. 

If you own an older home, we’ve created a huge amount of useful information to enhance your enjoyment of living in Historic Vallejo, and to help you restore and renovate your home.

We are Realtors. If you are looking for expertise in buying or selling historic real estate in Vallejo, we are here to help. 

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Chris Jacobson is a member of the HomeBased Realty brokerage founded in 1997 by Joe Morales.

Joe Morales created HomeBased Realty® with the future of real estate in mind. 

The industry is being shaped by three powerful revolutions. They are the internet revolution, the information revolution and the home office revolution. 

Even though we focus on Historic Home purchases and sales, everything we do is designed around using cutting edge technologies and modern techniques.

Joe manages the legal and ethical side and Chris Jacobson manages the sales and business side.