Chris Jacobson Bio

Chris Jacobson started in real estate as an investor and later became a Realtor. He has managed large remodels, and understands how to get permits through City Hall.

Because of real world experience, he understands his clients’ most important investment from the inside out.

Chris has specialized skills in construction, including carpentry, electrical, foundation, and plumbing. He also possesses a solid grasp of the lending world.

As a local Realtor, Chris guarantees the highest-quality marketing in Vallejo. In his listings, he takes an ambitious, unconventional approach.

His listings include scripted videos which bring to life the unique qualities of each property and are also used as social media ads.

After choosing Vallejo as his home in 2011, Chris looked for ways to build community.

In 2013 Chris and his wife SuArra purchased and renovated a Colonial Revival in the Vallejo Architectural Heritage District.

Recognizing a need for Historic Home expertise, Chris created Vallejo Historic Homes Support, with the mission to encourage local preservation and increase our enjoyment of living in Historic Vallejo.

Later he created, a Realtor website which includes individually selected MLS data on homes for sale, detailed guidance on selling a historic structure, and Historic Vallejo homeowner resources.

One of Chris’s greatest joys is helping his clients find their dream home and then handing them their keys!

As an investor himself, Chris has helped many “first-time investors” and teaches Landlord bookkeeping, tenant management, and business record keeping to his clients.

Clients describe Chris as passionate but he considers himself an enthusiast because “there is always something to be excited about.”

Chris is a seasoned traveler comfortable in many environments. He has enjoyed 5-star hotels and has slept under more bridges than he can count.

He is a confident and high-energy person with a broad range of interests, from collecting antiques and brewing wine, beer and mead, to a fascination with Jungian psychology and symbolism.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in music, and has appeared on stage in several operas and plays. He is currently a writer of children’s songs for his daughter Andorra.

There is nothing more important than family for Chris Jacobson. He is immensely grateful for his wife and partner SuArra and their amazing daughter Andorra.

Chris recognizes that for most people, buying or selling a home will be the largest and most significant transaction they will make in their life.

He is humbled by the trust his clients give him and is committed to serving his clients as a guide and a guardian through the complex journey of homeownership. From their purchase and long after.