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Homes count as “historic” if they are “on or eligible for the National Register” or on a list of local or State significance.

Vallejo has two historic districts. Additionally, there are at least 11 other areas in Vallejo which may qualify as historic district.

An effort has been made to individually select Vallejo homes for this website which represent the “Spirit of America” through the decades as described by the United States department of interior standards.

Many of the Homes listed on this website do not have any legal status as “historic”. Homes shown on this website may pass to this site directly from the MLS.

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Vallejo Historic Homes maintains a database that tracks historic and vintage listings and sales in Vallejo CA. This database divides homes that qualify for inclusion into one of 19 Vallejo areas where older homes are located and into one of 17 architectural styles that are common in Vallejo.

In some cases, these areas have been created by Vallejo Historic Homes or altered to better represent the purpose of tracking historic and vintage home data. Explanations of the areas can be found in the Areas Guide and explanations of the Architectural Styles can be found in the Architecture Guide.

These classifications of homes form the basis of our system. This is a proprietary classification. Vallejo Historic Homes is the only source for this type of data in the world.