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Video has overtaken all forms of real estate marketing

Buyers are now online. They chat with friends and family online. They mostly hang out on social media.

Marketing that works targets buyers where they are.

Scripted videos used as social media ads are the most successful marketing tool we’ve ever created.

Facebook and Instagram currently provide the best dollar for dollar return on ad money, far eclipsing anything by print ads, but most users just scroll right past.

Make them stop scrolling and click

Average real estate videos are just a bunch of photos strung together. While normal on the MLS, this won’t work with social media marketing.

Attention-grabbing video makes them stop scrolling. But photos still tell the story. That is why we put high quality images in our scripted video.

Our Historic Home Marketing Plan includes a specific process to get users to stop scrolling, watch and share! The secret sauce is having something the viewer wants.

Marketing that works shatters the buyer’s concentration. It wakes them up from their everyday life and makes them ask, “how can I learn more?”

If you would like to discuss how our video ads can improve your Historic Home’s listing, please schedule a quick Zoom conversation.

Photos pull buyers in

Most people have strong reactions to images. That’s why we use high-dynamic-range photography (HDR) to make your home jump off the page.

A high-dynamic-range photo is composed of 5 identical photos taken with different exposures, to correctly expose for every part of the image. Then all 5 photos are digitally assembled into one.

The end result is a stunning improvement over regular professional photography. More importantly, we shoot these photos with a plan.

The whole purpose of photos is to show off the special value of your home and the benefits of living there.

Marketing that works tells a story. It addresses the needs of the buyer and inspires their emotions.

Engage the buyer before they click away

We need to convince the buyer to make the drive to your home before they click away. Once they are gone they may not come back.

One of the reasons for the listing is to get buyers to commit to visiting your home. If they live outside Vallejo, they may be even more reluctant to make the drive.

Buyers need answers before they commit. A 3D tour will let a buyer immediately take a virtual “walk through.”

Marketing that works is immediate. It works before doubt has a chance to stop the conversion.

Show your home at a glance


Some buyers are old fashioned. They don’t know how to use the 3D tour. Drawings of the floor plan are great for buyers like these.

They also allow for a quick and simple understanding of how your home is laid out. You can understand in a glance.

Give your buyer multiple opportunities to say, “I’ve got to see this place!”

Everyone has their own preferences for how they gather information. This is why we include scripted video, HDR photos, a 3D tour, a floor plan, and detailed downloads like this one.

Marketing that works is all about reaching the buyer with the media they want.

Get the most out of marketing

Buyers are already responding to video in much greater numbers, and they are far more likely to visit a home if it has a video.

Video ads drive traffic, but we need a place to send your traffic. This is why we build your home its own website.

The MLS and syndicates like Zillow and Realtor have rules. On your website we make the rules, so we can do what is best for you.

Using our unique marketing process, we have had over 10,000 users visit one listing. That is the power of linking a scripted video ad to a stand alone web page.

Action Steps

Identify the unique qualities that will make your home stand out. Download this worksheet.

To talk about how our custom marketing can help you, Schedule a Zoom meeting.


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