How To Be Sure My Listing Is Seen By The Most Buyers

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Once your listing is published, it will be routed to hundreds of websites all over the internet. 

But we want your listing to get far more views, which is why we promote it with video ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

Users scroll past most ads, so Vallejo Historic Homes creates the best video ads in Vallejo. We carefully construct your ad to stop people from scrolling.

We format your video to be Facebook and Instagram compliant

This is not just a virtual tour–more importantly–it’s a social media ad. 

We put captions in all of our videos because users might have their volume off. 

These ads can pull thousands of unique buyers to your listing. This is the most powerful marketing technique we use, but it has to be done right

Optimize your listing all over the internet

Syndicates like Zillow, Redfin, etc. aren’t there to sell your home, they’re competing with each other to sell their services. 

When a listing is optimized on one syndicate, changes don’t show up on their competitor’s page.

We want to have your listing noticed by more buyers, which is why we optimize for each major syndicate individual. 

Leverage our local connections so more buyers see your listing

In addition to your listing showing up all over the web, we promote it on Vallejo Historic Homes.

We also keep a list of buyers who have explicitly expressed an interest in buying a historic home in Vallejo, and we email your listing to all of these subscribers.

We have great relationships with other agents in town and we make sure they notice your listing too. 

Finally, we post your listing on our own social media channels. 

Historic homes deserve epic marketing, and we do all this for every property we sell.

You can see the entire listing process with the Seller Road Map Infographic. 

This step-by-step infographic illustrates the sales process from prepping your house to accepting an offer.

Feel confident. Print this infographic to know what to do and when at a glance.



Action steps

If you need help prepping your home for sale, Download this checklist.

To understand your profit after the sale, Download our Estimate of Seller’s Proceeds.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Get the Guide to a Stress Free Home Sale

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Chris Jacobson

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