Guide To A Stress-Free Historic Home Sale

Communication is the key to stress reduction.

We take this job seriously. We listen carefully to your goals and accomplish them by being organized.

  1. We built a Step-By-Step Communication Guarantee  to get you the knowledge you need at the right time and in the right way, long before and long after your sale. 
  2. We created our Historic Home Marketing Plan to identify and elevate the unique features of your historic home. 
  3. All of our marketing is delivered with cutting edge technology

These are not empty promises. They are business systems we have created to guarantee you the best service. 

When you see the plan in writing, when you watch the steps come together, when you are in the loop at every step and you understand what is happening, then you feel confident.

You can see the entire listing process with the Seller Road Map Infographic. 

This step-by-step infographic illustrates the sales process from prepping your house to accepting an offer.

Feel confident. Print this infographic to know what to do and when at a glance.

Find the $500,000 Feeling

Please say this out loud: “People don’t buy because of logic, they buy because of emotion.” Say it again and again.

As we list your home, we prepare an emotional experience for the buyer.  

When buyers come to your home, we want them to take a deep breath, and say, “I feel good here.” 

Buyers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have this simple feeling. How much will you lose if you can’t give it to them?

Finding the Hidden Value in Your Home

If you were selling a vintage Lamborghini, would you post a photo from your phone on Craigslist?

Your historic home is special. It’s not a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom tract house. As Historic Home experts, our specialty is to emphasize the details that make your home unique. 

If we do less, you’re likely to miss out on the full value.  

Download this worksheet to identify the unique qualities that will make your home stand out. 

It Is All About Video

In real estate video has overtaken all other forms of marketing. Even though it is not commonly used in Vallejo, video is absolutely the most successful marketing tool we use. 

This is why we are committed to having the best videos of any Vallejo Realtor. 

We design our scripted videos to communicate directly to the buyers. We tell them about the amazing benefits of buying your home. We answer objections before they arise. 

Every video is a custom-built production. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula.

You can see an example our video marketing here.

80% of the sale happens before we list

Your property is unique. We need to polish and present it like a fine gemstone.

It is important to have 3-6 weeks to get your home ready. There’s a long list of things to do. It’s an awful lot more than putting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard.  Download this checklist to prep your home with confidence.

We find your home’s unique features. We draft the custom video script and listing copy. 

We take the time to research your home’s history and records, create a disclosure packet, and maybe do some of the investigations. We prepare your home for photographs and video. 

When it’s all done, we build you a custom website, post it on the MLS, and make sure it is pushed out to all the online syndicates. 

But all of this starts with our Historic Home Marketing Plan.

The Roadmap Most Home Sellers Don’t Have

Think of all the products you’ve seen for sale. The most successful sales in the world have a marketing plan, even if they’re only selling a $3 sports drink.

You will only get one chance to sell your home. If candy bars deserve a marketing plan, why would you sell your home without one? 

Our 77-point marketing plan is a business system we created to find and elevate the unique qualities of Historic Homes. We made this to help you.

You deserve to feel good about the care and planning that goes into the sale of your home. If we’re not doing the best possible job, how can we expect the best possible deal?

How to find your spotlight

Every stage actor knows how to “find the spotlight”. 

Your spotlight happens in the week we list your home. It’s critical that we take advantage of this special window of opportunity. A lot of people will come to look at your home right away.

We take care to be 100% ready. We can’t do this alone. 

As the homeowner, there are things we need you to do. We are organized. We’ll give you a checklist to show you what to do in clear and easy tasks. We want your home in tip-top shape. 

The day your home is listed, everyone sees your home in the best possible light, and all those buyers know everyone else is looking, too!

Communication is Key

During this process, there are many events that happen on specific dates or follow specific timelines. We make sure you never have to wonder what’s happening or what it means. We’ll keep you up to date. 

This is why we built our Step-By-Step Communication Guarantee

Long before you have questions about what’s happening next, we’ll have answers for you. Long before you have to make decisions, you will have the information you need to understand. 

We keep you in the loop so you can sleep at night.

The Real Reason Your Home Will Sell

We all live imperfect lives, but we have a vision of what our ideal life would look like. We often hear Historic Homes buyers say, “I want something special.”

Buyers will spend their life-savings because of emotion. They are looking for a place where they “feel” they belong.  

Buyers are looking for home.

Here’s a Realtor secret

The purpose of the listing isn’t to sell your home. The listing exists to motivate the buyers to see the home in person. 

People will buy all kinds of products on Amazon. But when purchasing a home, buyers need to come in person. If they don’t come, they don’t offer. 

Most people can barely get off their couch to drive across town to see a new listing. Your home needs marketing good enough to convince buyers to drive 45 minutes each way.

How to get the best marketing in Vallejo

We take high dynamic range photos to make your home jump off the page. We do a 3D scan so anyone anywhere can take a 3D walk through. 

Most importantly we create a scripted video ad which speaks directly to your buyers. We want to make sure they hear how special your home is and that we answer objections before they come up. 

All of this content goes on a stand-alone website as if your property were a mansion on a Napa estate.

Facebook and Instagram ads are currently the best way to find the largest pool of buyers. That’s why we use them. Lucky for us your video tour was made to be Facebook compliant. 

Find out more about marketing that works.

Inspire your buyer

We will have your home ready when the buyers come, so they know they’ve found something special. 

They see themselves thriving in their new Historic Home, living the life they dream of. They imagine what they could do with the property to make it even more valuable. 

We want them to make the strongest offer they can, and then feel eager to carry the sale through to the close.

Managing Buyers’ Fear

Buyers are afraid and uncertain. They are constantly asking themselves if they should get out of the deal.  

When buyers hit any kind of problem or setback, the easiest thing they can do to get rid of their anxiety is end the purchase.

Managing the buyers anxiety is a part of the art of selling. 

By the way, reducing the friction on your side is also important. That’s why we developed our communication system, so you can move through the sales process with fewer setbacks.

Lowering everyone’s stress level is necessary to hold a deal together.  

Once you’ve found the right buyer, we recommend the Steps to Escrow Infographic

From the moment you accept an offer to the day you get paid, this one-page visual guide gives you everything you need to know about the process at a glance.

Print this infographic to understand each step and know what to do and when.

How to Not Lose the Deal

Half of all deals fall apart in escrow. A deal-breaking issue may surface.

This brings us to our last opportunity: Contracts can be negotiated. 

We can be flexible around timelines, terms, fixtures, or many other factors to make the deal work for everyone. A disagreement doesn’t have to kill the deal. It could make the deal better!

If you’re willing to do something extra that’s important to the buyer and easy for you, you can overcome the roadblocks. 

Flexible thinking is key to the final step of closing. 

Hopefully we’ve shown you how far we’ll go to get you the best possible deal. When we commit to selling a property, we are 100% in the game. 

Unlock the Toolbox

Unlock your Seller Toolbox to take uncertainty out of selling your home. You won’t need to guess what to do next. The toolbox links each step to the tools you need in the right order, up to the day you get paid. Verify your email to gain access. 

Action Steps

Want to see how we sell your home? Look at some examples of marketing that works.

To find your home’s hidden value, Download this helpful worksheet

If you’d like to talk about selling your Historic Home, Reach out to us or Schedule a Zoom meeting

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