Why Does My Realtor Need To Be A Specialist?

No one discovered this mistake in over 50 years. 

Once, when I was prepping a home for sale, I discovered discrepancies in the most recent appraisals and public records.

The home had been rebuilt after a fire in the 1970s. The public record had been updated incorrectly. 

I found extra square footage worth about $85,000 to the sellers, and showed them how to update the public record. 

How would you like to be the owner hearing this!

My name is Chris Jacobson, and I hope to talk with you soon. 

You have hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line

This may be the biggest transaction of your life. 

Are you willing to let a corporation apply its one-size-fits-all formula? Are you willing to hire a discount agent who can only give you a standard marketing package? 

You need a plan. Even candy bars at the corner store have a marketing plan. 

Don’t leave money on the table. 

Why would you list your historic home like it’s a tract home?   

At Vallejo Historic Homes, we carefully plan the sale of your home with the buyer in mind. This isn’t just a promise, it’s part of our Historic Home Marketing Plan 

We want you to have the best possible sale. That’s why we start with the rare and distinctive traits which make your home exceptional. We find the qualities that attract buyers who want something special. 

Next, we focus like a laser on the feelings of these buyers. They may be passionate about the architectural style, the story, and even the character of your home. 

We create a marketing plan that shows every buyer the extraordinary qualities of your historic home. 

From videos and social media to in-person visits, every step of selling your home is intentional and carefully thought out. 

Finally, we execute. We have a step by step process to guide you through the transaction with minimal stress. 

You can only sell this home once. After the deal closes, you won’t get a chance to try again. 

Expertise still matters

How big of a problem is your brick foundation? How do you disclose the possible presence of lead in the home? 

If your home doesn’t have central HVAC, should that affect the asking price? We will help you decide whether to repair dry rot before the listing and what repairs to make.

We will show you how to prep your historic home for sale to highlight its best features. 

We are committed to your success

We are committed to the highest level of marketing in Vallejo, and we are ready to prove it. Here are a few examples of what we’ve done for others. 

Would you like to discuss how specialized marketing can help you elevate the sale of your Historic Home? Please schedule a 15 or 30 minute Zoom call

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