6 ways to keep a historic home cool without electricity

Our historic homes were built were built to stay cool in the summer. And you will probably be surprised to learn that your historic home was likely a lot cooler 100 years ago than it is now.

Many historic cooling methods have been remodeled out of our homes or we have forgotten how to use them. In this video I share 6 techniques to keep a historic home cool without electricity.

Chris Jacobson
Chris Jacobson

I’m Chris Jacobson, a local Vallejo realtor. I love our historic homes.

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2 thoughts on “6 ways to keep a historic home cool without electricity”

  1. chris,
    i enjoy your articles and read them when i see them posted. i live on the 700 block of curtola and it seems as if someone wanted to modernize this house and stuccoed over whatever i believe with cement. also inside the house the original house i believe the ceilings have been dropped about 4 feet. I would like to restore the ceiling to their original height ,do you know what the process for this would be and a ballpark cost. i believe the original house consisted of only 4 rooms. it is fun you can look thru the door to the original part and see the paint and original wallpaper colors. where could i find out about my house and the original look. i live at 722 curtola .parkway. thank you,
    randal davis

    • Hello Randal

      I removed your address above so that it wouldn’t live forever in the post comments. I am more than happy to stop by and take a look at your home. That is a free service I offer to all Vallejo Historic Homeowners. After a quick investigation, I think I would be able to answer your questions.


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