Anatomy of a Colonial Revival

Chris Jacobson
Chris Jacobson

I’m Chris Jacobson, a local Vallejo realtor. I love our historic homes.

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2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Colonial Revival”

  1. A wonderful lesson, Chris. Thanks very much for informing us on Colonial Revival architecture. Will be looking at homes in Vallejo Heritage to see how many I can pick out. Please educate us on other styles……as a little girl would say, who wants to live in those old houses…….now I love them.

    • Thanks for the comment Joan. One of the biggest goals I have is to help folks have fun learning about our wonderful old homes. I deeply believe that they become more valuable to us when we know more about them. It starts out with having fun and enjoying learning new things but it ends up with all of us valuing our homes and preserving them for future generations. There is so much here in Vallejo which is worth valuing. Ultimately this also means the creation of a closer community.


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