The Mills Act

The Mills Act was created to let the government pay you for restoring your historic home. This video talks about how to use the Mills Act in Vallejo. Special guest and local expert Bill Tuika of Vallejo City Planning department will tell us all the ins and outs of the program.

• Learn who qualifies and
• Who the program is best set up to help
• We will discuss what is covered and what is not.
• Understand how to estimate the costs and the benefits.
• We will also talk about special circumstances like opting out or selling your home.

City of Vallejo Mills Act Application download here.

Remember the City of Vallejo is always ready and willing to help you take advantage of this great program. Call them for assistance – Phone: (707) 648-4326

If you have questions or want to share your success, I look forward to hearing about it in the comments section. I read every comment and I hope to hear from you there.

Chris Jacobson
Chris Jacobson

I’m Chris Jacobson, a local Vallejo realtor. I love our historic homes.

Office: 707-812-1390 | Cell: 707-805-4014 | BRE 01987892

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3 thoughts on “The Mills Act”

    • Hello Marilia. I have a published list from 2005 and I dont think much has changed. You can send an email with your address and I will check. I dont think there is any list online that is maintained. The easiest way to verify would be to call the city planning department. They are the ones who maintain the “City of Vallejo Inventory List of Architecturally and Historically Significant Buildings”. I may be able to offer you a bit more assistance with this if you send me a private message. Thanks, Chris

  1. Hi Chris,
    I always thought that my Tudor home might be a historic home. Recently, my children found your sight and saw a picture of our home.
    Can you please tell me if my home is on the list? How can I send you a private message?


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