Your home is made of red wood not redwood

What is that mysterious wood that nearly every Historic Vallejo Structure is framed from. The answer is one of the more interesting stories of the structural aspects of our historic homes.

Chris Jacobson
Chris Jacobson

I’m Chris Jacobson, a local Vallejo realtor. I love our historic homes.

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2 thoughts on “Your home is made of red wood not redwood”

  1. Nice work in a concise well focused look at the Architecture of Vallejo….probably the most diverse variety in the entire Bay Area. I look forward to following this refreshing effort. My great grandfather came here from Ireland in 1868 to work with a cousin at White Sulfur Springs.

    • Hi Dan

      One of the projects I am working on is a chat room style system that will let users share their personal history of Vallejo, like your story of your great grandfather.

      I look forward to seeing you around.



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