Real Estate is a Team Sport

One mistake in your home purchase can cost you thousands. Expert knowledge will save you from mistakes.

Nobody is an expert in everything. That’s why you need a team of professionals.

The single biggest mistake to avoid

Buying a home is a team effort. Your team will include a lender, escrow agent, various professional inspectors and many others.

Using the wrong team is probably the single biggest mistake you could make.

How to find the right team         

This is not the time to try and save a fraction of a percent of interest by using a faceless online bank. 

Your lender should be an actual human being who is an expert and focused on your needs. Your lender can make or break your deal. 

Historic Homes require special attention. You will need local Vallejo inspectors such as building, roof, termite, foundation, and HVAC. If something is really wrong with the property, you need to know. 

You can do better

Many people start their search by meeting an agent at an open house. They think, “Hey, we both skydive. He must be a talented real estate agent.”

You owe it to yourself to choose an agent based on their ability to lead your team from the first step to the last.

Like a quarterback with 10 minutes on the clock

Leading your team is detailed and time-sensitive. Like a quarterback calling out plays in the last quarter, we will direct and coordinate your team. 

The right agent is your most important teammate. We don’t have many skydivers in Vallejo Historic Homes, but we are committed to your success in real estate.

Action Steps

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If you’re not sure where to start, schedule a day to look at homes.

If you have questions, please reach out.

How To Make An Offer The Seller Can’t Resist

Young couple at meeting making deal, signing contract to buy a home

When offers are close in price (they often are), factors other than price make a difference.

Don’t ignore the most important rule

The most important rule is, “make it easy for a seller to say yes.”

Sellers are people too. We take the time to ask about their needs, listen to their answers, and try to write an offer that helps them. 

If we make it easy for a seller to say yes, it is far more likely that they will.

Sellers have problems we can solve.

By checking the confidential remarks in the listing and calling the agent to ask about the seller’s plans, we often find valuable clues for how to write a much more acceptable offer.

It is not just about price. When we show them we care, sellers tend to respond in a personable way. 

Remove the seller’s pain point

We once made an offer to a seller who needed to quickly move back east. The home was a mess.

When we realized this was the seller’s pain point, we offered to take the home in any condition.

Our buyer won the deal. He had to make a dump run, but ended up with a garage full of gardening tools, a window AC and some patio furniture.  

By focusing on the seller’s needs, we created a better deal for everyone.

The step you can’t ignore   

Historic home sellers are proud of their homes. They usually prefer to sell their home to someone they trust to care for the home. 

We recommend you write a personal letter to the sellers to introduce yourself, talk about what you love about the home and your hopes. 

Simple as it is, a letter is one of the easiest things you can do to make yourself stand out to the seller.

How we present an offer to build the seller’s confidence   

It is critical the seller trusts you. Once we have your letter to the sellers, we add other things to your offer. 

  1. We always include a pre-approval from your lender, demonstrating you are qualified.
  2. We attach your proof of funds, demonstrating you have the money to close. 
  3. We ask the lender to personally call the listing agent to reaffirm that you are qualified and able to make the purchase.

How to get the seller’s agent on our side

Everyone loves a good story.

In addition to your personal letter to the sellers, we always reach out to the listing agent and tell them specifically why you want this home. 

The listing agent wants to feel confident in the buyer, and the seller will often ask for advice. 

Having a story about you helps the listing agent recommend you. 

Get the Road Map

We have created a Buyer Road Map Infographic to help you get a sense of the home-buying journey.

This step-by-step infographic takes you through the process of finding a home, financing, and making an offer.

Start with “Just Looking” and follow the roadmap to the seller accepting your offer.

Print out this infographic to see exactly what to do and when to do it at a single glance.

Action steps

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