Opening stuck windows

Most historic homes have at least a few windows which have been painted shut or are frozen up for other reasons. It can seem a bit daunting to force them open. In this video I show how easy it can be. You can get your stuck windows moving again in minutes.

Make sure to check out my other videos on lubricating windows (How a bar of soap helped a window out of a tight jam) and all the videos on wooden window repair and maintenance.

Wooden Window Deconstruction – Part 1

If you have wooden windows on your historic home, chances are they have lasted for a 100 years or more. It is relatively simple to take them apart, change the ropes and weatherize them. With some basic care your windows can easily last for another 100 years.

Here in the Vallejo historic districts you cant legally replace Wooden windows with vinyl or metal. The good news is, it is often much less expensive to repair them.

Wooden Window Soap Trick

Like many people living in a Vallejo historic home, you may have wooden windows that are difficult to slide.

This video demonstrates a simple trick to lubricate your wooden windows using wax. Anyone can do it and it only take a few minutes.

Any soap or candle will work!

Wooden Window Vent Locks

Historic homes were built before air conditioning and builders needed ways to keep them cool. One of the ways this was done was with vent locks.

Wooden window vent locks are a historic hardware that will let you lock your windows BUT in the open position.

These are great. Using these locks you can leave your windows “locked” open when you are away or even while sleeping. They are wonderful for summer days.

Below are links to some vent locks if you want to order online:

Inexpensive brass version
White deluxe version

The Tooth Pick Trick

Historic homeowners may have a screw loose! but once you begin utilizing the toothpick trick at least you won’t have to have any loose screws. I have used this simple trick to repair worn out screw holes on door hinges, cabinets, mortise locks and even curtain rods.