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I was especially impressed by how well Chris understood & listened to what my home meant to me. My house was an older house & many unforeseen major problems were encountered while Chris & his crew were preparing my house for sale. Chris was up to every challenge & did an excellent job prepping my house for sale.
Sold a Spanish Revival
Knowledgable. Patient. Helpful. I am EXTREMELY happy with everything Chris and his team did to help sell my house. It could not have been better.
Sold a 1930's split level home
Chris excels as a realtor but is far more than that. He is a highly knowledgeable and well-connected fixture of the community who seems to genuinely enjoy helping his clients purchase and restore old houses. He met with contractors for me before I arrived in town, helped me write a list of repairs for my house in order of priority, and has spent hours talking to me about everything from home loans to wood epoxy to cosmetic re-leveling to the local restaurant scene. Working with Chris is a big part of why I felt able to move to Vallejo and buy the kind of house I wanted to buy
purchased a queen anne
Chris really listened to what we wanted in a home. We connected with him due to his appreciation for historic homes and architecture and never regretted it for a second. He has the resources and information I needed to make my first home purchase as easy as possible. Chris is extremely responsive to questions and was able to connect us to others involved in the transaction quickly. He also has great intuition and puts his knowledge to work for buyers in negotiations. I am thrilled that our purchase was as smooth as it was. With the competitive nature of real estate in the Bay Area, you need an experienced, trustworthy real estate pro and Chris is definitely a Pro.
Purchased a Mid-century modern
Don't waste your time with anyone else if your house is historic, Chris is your man! Although historic homes, in my opinion, are the most beautiful and well-built, not everyone wants this type of house. We were able to find the perfect buyer shortly after listing, and the process was very smooth. I spent almost a whole year prior with a local realtor trying to sell my historic home with no interest. Chris marketed the home targeting people who were looking for my type of home. The inspections and escrow process was very easy to get through, which was a huge weight off of my shoulders. Inspections can sometimes be a hassle with historic homes, it's important to have somebody on your side that makes the process easy. Chris was very easy to talk to on a personal level without feeling like I was talking to a used car salesman, like most other realtors. This was the easiest sale I've ever done!
Sold a shingle home
Chris knows how to get the most value for the least amount of effort. When we sold our 1916 Craftsman, he convinced me not to worry about some expensive work that I thought would be necessary. He saved us a fortune, and it turned out neither the buyers nor the inspectors were concerned about the things I was riled up about. Instead, Chris suggested small changes that were much easier to accomplish. These small investments probably added thousands of dollars to the sale price. Chris constantly stayed in contact with us throughout the sale. The way he stayed on top of things and kept us in the loop was priceless because we were hundreds of miles away during most of the process. We've worked with other realtors in the past, and none of them ever came close to Chris's level of knowledge, passion, and care. He is a true champion. Vallejo Historic Homes is simply the best. If you're buying or selling a historic home, their expertise will give you advantages that nobody else can match. Even if your home isn't "historic," they know how to find value and they know how to negotiate so everybody wins. Above all, they really listen to you, and they truly care. You just won't find anyone else who can help in so many ways.
sold a craftsman
We had issues with permits with the city from previous work done on the house and Chris did an excellent job of helping us resolve all the issues in order to close the sale in a timely manner. Chris went above and beyond in helping us navigate the new-to-us experience of selling a home. His patience and dedication and seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy helped us close the sale and move on to the next chapter in our lives. Chris is a great ally in the real estate market who will make sure you are well-prepared for anything that comes your way. I shudder to think what it would have been like without his expertise.
Sold a craftsman
I was a realtor for over 30 years. I hired Chris with this sale because of his outstanding dedication to his craft, knowledge of the local market, and experience dealing with all types of properties. I had a very difficult situation that could have been a definite deal-breaker but turned out to be smooth sailing thanks to Chris' insider knowledge and experience. Use Chris Jacobson-it's a win-win situation for all parties!
sold a vicorian cottage
As sellers from across the country, we were very nervous about how our sale was going to go. Chris has excellent knowledge of the area and the home types, prompt and reliable service. this made the entire process completely seamless despite us being across the country. Chris handled every single aspect of the sale including all needed maintenance and improvements such as tree trimmings, painting, etc. I could not have been more happy with how easy this transaction was. I would 100% recommend Chris's services to anyone. Ultimately, the "historic" nature of our home did not directly factor as largely in the marketing/sale as I thought it might, but Chris's knowledge about homes like ours allowed him to take excellent care of the house and make sure it was presented in the best light. We bought our home and put a lot of work into it expecting to spend many years there and ultimately had to relocate due to work; I really appreciated that Chris found a buyer who loved the home as much as we did.
Sold a colonial revival
Our realtor was able to give our home value. Where most people would see an old house, he saw what we saw, a diamond in the rough. The pictures that were taken were very professional and made our home stand out. The lighting made the wood pop. He is a wealth of knowledge and showed us how to polish the wood, and remove the soot from the fireplace. We got into a contract with a buyer who was very demanding. Our realtor was able to walk us through this making sure that we followed the contract. Luckily that buyer dropped out and a new buyer was found very quickly and the sale went through without a hitch. Communication was very good. We kept in contact with emails, texts, meetings and calls. We usually got a reply to our questions very quickly. I liked that the realtor specialized in these historic homes.
sold a craftsman
I couldn't navigate the chaos of the housing market without somebody as good as this. I don't think I would have been able to do this without the careful steady guidance and unmatched level of down-to-earth professionalism. You can find a realtor anywhere, and they'll tell you whatever you want to hear, and pressure you into whatever makes their lives easier. You won't find that here. You won't find pressure, assumptions, nor somebody just shuffling your name around a pile of other, quicker sales. This is hands-on empathetic real estate by somebody who is deeply motivated to find you a home that fits you, and try their absolute best to give you the highest chance for success with a bid possible. I can't possibly imagine a way to do this job better, and I'm paid a lot to have a big imagination.
purchased a mid-century modern
I never knew how much expertise was needed to simply sell our property. We picked exactly the right Agent to handle our sale, our only regret was not reaching out to Chris Jacobson earlier. Our last agents didn't even come close to the services we've received from Chris. Agents need to understand the property's overall value & not just believe if you list it the buyers will come. It takes much more effort to make the sale happen. Not every person who calls themselves a Salesperson is honestly up to the task. Chris Jacobson definitely put 110% of his efforts into making our sale happen. We would definitely recommend Chris to family & friends in a heartbeat!
sold a craftsman
Vallejo Historic Homes goes above and beyond to deliver results! They helped us buy our new home and sell our old home in different cities. Chris took the time to walk us through the process and helped us sail over the hurdles. He also interfaced with all the various agencies and parties to ensure that we'd find the property of our dreams and get great prices on both transactions. The whole team is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I recommend them to anyone who needs a champion on their side for their real estate needs.
sold a craftsman
Chris was able to anticipate and stay ahead of our questions with strategies formed at each meeting. There were consequential missteps in our loan process. With Chris's guidance, they were able to be satisfactorily navigated. Chris was steadfast in keeping his word even when it was the harder thing to do. With his knowledge and connections, he is a sudo one-stop shop, for older homes. if he doesn't know the answer he knows somebody who does.
Purchased a craftsman
We thoroughly recommend Chris Jacobson and Vallejo Historic Homes. Chris is not only tremendously knowledgeable about the peculiarities of the various architectural styles and the various locations, but also has a knack for finding what is unique about your property. His descriptions are not boiler plate copy, but carefully thought out to convey a sense of what makes your home unique, which is also of value to the buyer. The whole marketing package he developed for us was the best I've every seen. Plus, in addition to his professional knowledge and skill, Chris is a very likable person! We feel super-grateful that we had Chris as our agent. Chris will take the time to understand your personal situation and will develop a strategy that is tailored to your situation.
sold a Ranch
We had spoken to a few realtors early in the process of deciding to sell our house and decided to call Chris when we were ready to put the house on the market, and I'm so glad we did! He knows old houses and Vallejo's market really well, which was very reassuring for us, as we have never sold a house before and our house needed some work to get ready for the market. Chris recommended a few great contractors to do the work we needed, organized inspections, and helped us navigate an unexpected and challenging situation with the building permit department. In the end, the house looked great, we passed all of our inspections, and we were able to sell the house for more than we dreamed of when we set out to sell. Chris was a godsend throughout the process, and we are so grateful for all his knowledge and help selling our little 1908 bungalow. 10/10 would definitely hire Chris again. If you are looking for someone with a deep knowledge of old homes and the Vallejo housing market, Chris is not only a great resource, but someone who goes above and beyond to serve his clients and do right by your home.
sold a craftsman