Real Estate is a Team Sport

One mistake in your home purchase can cost you thousands. Expert knowledge will save you from mistakes.

Nobody is an expert in everything. That’s why you need a team of professionals.

The single biggest mistake to avoid

Buying a home is a team effort. Your team will include a lender, escrow agent, various professional inspectors and many others.

Using the wrong team is probably the single biggest mistake you could make.

How to find the right team         

This is not the time to try and save a fraction of a percent of interest by using a faceless online bank. 

Your lender should be an actual human being who is an expert and focused on your needs. Your lender can make or break your deal. 

Historic Homes require special attention. You will need local Vallejo inspectors such as building, roof, termite, foundation, and HVAC. If something is really wrong with the property, you need to know. 

You can do better

Many people start their search by meeting an agent at an open house. They think, “Hey, we both skydive. He must be a talented real estate agent.”

You owe it to yourself to choose an agent based on their ability to lead your team from the first step to the last.

Like a quarterback with 10 minutes on the clock

Leading your team is detailed and time-sensitive. Like a quarterback calling out plays in the last quarter, we will direct and coordinate your team. 

The right agent is your most important teammate. We don’t have many skydivers in Vallejo Historic Homes, but we are committed to your success in real estate.

Action Steps

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If you have questions, please reach out.

4 Ways To Know You’ve Found Your Dream Home

Mature woman hugging her husband after finding their dream home

Heads up! You are standing in your dream home! How do you know?

It checks off your boxes

It gives us goosebumps to watch a buyer walk through a home saying, “this checks off the boxes!”

What are these boxes?

Early in the process, you should discover what you need and want in a home by comparing the homes you like. Download this simple organizer to view the pros and cons of each home in one place.

We also want you to use the targeting worksheet to help you recognize the right home. Targeting is simple but powerful.  

Using these two tools will help you develop a list of qualities your ideal home should have.

You feel good

When we get the sense that you feel good in a home, we usually ask you to sit down in the living room or kitchen. Take a few deep breaths, relax, and say, “I feel good here.”

If it feels right to say this, you will know. This may seem like a small thing, but it is critical to get right.

Buying a home means buying a place where you feel good.

You overlook the obvious flaws

Every home has something wrong with it. When you completely don’t care about these things, or even defend the home against our statements like, “the floor is a bit damaged over here,” then we know this could be the one.

When you no longer care about what is wrong, you are obviously looking at what is right. This happens when the home is right. It is as simple as that.

You’re already decorating and planning for gatherings

When you hear yourself say, “my dad will have to sit here for Christmas because he always plays Santa,” you are probably standing in your dream home.

We have seen clients decorating and arranging furniture in their imagination. These are signs that you have moved on from the question of “is the home right for me?” to the question, “How is the home right for me?”

One of the things that makes us feel great is handing our clients the keys to their dream home. 

To help you find your dream home, we created a Buyer Road Map Infographic.

This step-by-step infographic takes you through the process of finding a home, financing, and making an offer.

Start with “Just Looking” and follow the roadmap to the seller accepting your offer.

Print out this infographic to see exactly what to do and when to do it at a single glance.


If you’d like to schedule a day to find your dream home, we would love to show you around.